Drive Cycle Procedure (Readiness Monitors)

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OBD2 drive cycle is to let your car run on-board diagnostics. This in turn, allows the readiness monitors to operate in vehicle. And detect potential malfunctions of your car's emission system. The correct drive cycle for your car can vary greatly depending on the car model, engine and manufacturer. Also, the monitor in question affects the required drive cycle procedure.Many vehicle manufacturers include these drive cycles in the vehicle owner's manual. a A few days of normal driving, both city and highway, will make the monitors ready. The following drive cycle app can be used as a guideline if a specific drive cycle is not known. However, Drive Cycle app may not work for all cars and monitors. But It can work with your car!Readiness Monitor types:1. Continuous monitors: Misfire, Fuel System, Comprehensive Component.2. Non-continuous monitors: Gas (Catalyst-CAT, Heated Catalyst, Evaporative-EVAP, Secondary Air System, Oxygen-O2, Oxygen Sensor Heater, EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) and/or VVT System); Diesel (NMHC Catalyst, NOx/SCR Aftertreatment, Boost Pressure, Exhaust Gas Sensor, PM Filter, EGR and/or VVT System)Vehicle support:AbarthAcuraAlfa RomeoAston MartinAudiBentleyBMWBugattiBuickCadillacChevrolet ChevyChryslerCitroenDaciaDaihatsuDodgeFerrariFiatFordGenericGeoGMCHondaHummerHyundaiInfinitiIsuzuJaguarJeepKiaLamborghiniLancia Land RoverLexusLincolnMazdaMercedesMercuryMGMiniMitsubishiNissanOldsmobileOpelPeugeotPlymouthPontiacPorscheRenaultRolls-RoyceRoverSaabSaturnScionSeatSkodaSmartSubaruSuzukiToyotaVauxhallVolkswagenVolvoHow to use?1. Select make2. Select drive cycle monitor3. Step by step drive cycle procedureContact us: