Prince Aladdin Adventure Run



Do you want to Recover the old good memories and have fun? Do you want to live one of venturing day with your lovely character aladin if you want to live this adventure you need just to download : Mysterious Castle aladin run this game of the old acarde game in which you will recover all your childhood memories When you was sitting in front of TV playing your arcade console . It was really beautiful moments; I have good news for you because this adventure game of running will give you again this opportunity to playing it on your phones and tables. If you want it you should just download it, its available on the play store and free. You will spend all your adventure in a big scary castle which is full of armed guards. To help aladin you should fighting them or just dodge there hits and you need to collect a magic diamonds to own a magic power in order defeat them easily on our game aladin will collect apples which can really help you to hit them and run away . I forget to tell you that castle Full of mazes just use your brain and develop your skills on running and jumping to find the right direction. Prince Aladin Adventure Run Features : - Mysterious Castle aladdin run has a lot of levels - Free run and jump adventures games lets Download it, its Free - the running adventures game / High-resolution Graphics with an old school theme - on our game you can jump and run with your hero / Jump and run to avoid and kill guards by fighting them - a lot of enemies: (with different difficulties) - So Many items - Jump on the top of enemies to defeat them. - a wonderful Arabic theme songs For more information just contact us. hope you enjoy it Download now and enjoy the game

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